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Yellow gold custom cuff with diamonds

We create handmade jewelry with Gold, Platinum and Silver.  Our Diamonds and Gem Stones are handpicked for their beauty and uniqueness.

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Before jewelry was mass produced, there were skilled individuals that hand crafted your jewelry.  Each piece was meticulously hand made, one at a time.

Bill's father--1965

Master Watch Maker

Master Engraver


Handmade in Fairhope Alabama by Bill Wismar.

Goldsmith and Designer


In 1975 when I made my first piece of jewelry and it sold, I was so excited.  I still have that same excitement when I finish a new piece.  My 45 year journey brought me to Fairhope Alabama--an art loving community that supports and inspires me to create jewelry designs that I always had inside but never brought them to life. 

Tourmaline, Diamond, Silver Ring
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