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Sterling Impressions

Robert and Susan Reed have been creating their jewelry for over 40 years. They are residents of the Gulf Coast area and many of their designs are actual impessions of shells, sea creatures, insect wings and plants from the area. Each nature theme is either a direct impression or a small sculpture fashioned in wax and cast into sterling silver.

Sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled wire usually make up the designs, some 14kt gold is also used. We also cut and design the fused, Dichroic glass which is accented with freshwater pearls, art beads, or gemstones. 

After displaying throughout the south at various art shows and gallery's, they are now offering their creations in various shops and specializing in doing custom orders.

All art is but an imitation of nature, so why not follow the master designer.


In-store items change frequently. For inquiry on available pieces,

please visit the Wismar Jewelry store location or call 251-928-5858.

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