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Rocky Pardo

Rocky Pardo's designs are an homage to the split roots in both St. Louis, Missouri and Madrid, Spain.  Her love for jewelry came at an early age and has been a burning passion since her first forays in her mother's jewelry box.  Rocky started working with metals in 2006 at the Craft Alliance in St. Louis and instantly fell in love with the material.  After obtaining her BFA in Metalsmithing in 2014 she worked as a bench jeweler at a local bespoke jewelry store where she homed her fine jewelry skills.  Rocky Pardo Jewelry was established in 2016 in Rocky's home studio and it is where she works today producing each piece by hand. 

Delicately balancing fine jewelry and art jewelry, Rocky Pardo Jewelry is an handcrafted collection of high quality mixed metal contemporary art jewelry.  Rocky's designs are fueled by the desire to strike a balance between the rough and refined to create effortlessly elegant pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear.  Using ethically sourced silver, gold, her own mixed precious metals alloys, and various gemstones, Rocky merges craftsmanship and attention to detail to produce dainty, but durable designs that let anyone rock their sparkle.  Contrasting textured, oxidized finishes in a completed polished piece is a nod to her obsession with dualities where the raw material is capable of being diamond and rough.  She finds inspiration in the harmonic opposites in the materials themselves, the world around her, and her life split between two countries.


In-store items change frequently. For inquiry on available pieces,

please visit the Wismar Jewelry store location or call 251-928-5858.

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