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Layout of multi gemstone necklace, one of a kind
Bill Wismar jewelry designer, gldsmith

Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in Fairhope, Alabama

In 1976 I became a goldsmith’s apprentice under my father.  Using Old World integrity and workmanship, he trained me in the fine art of jewelry design.  My designs, integrating graceful, natural forms with a contemporary flair are influenced by what I experienced while growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast.  I strive to create wearable art; to me this means jewelry with a unique design that’s fun and easy to wear.  I envision my jewelry as miniature sculptures and I work to carry out the design throughout the entire piece. 

My jewelry is made heavy so it can be handed down from one generation to the next; something I feel is missing in today’s mass-produced jewelry market that is dominated by lightweight, promotional items. 

The Team


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